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Our quality-control transcriber in this field is a disabled veteran with eight years of military service and a Master’s degree in Defense Affairs.

Our Foreign Affairs quality-control transcriber is a former member of the diplomatic corps with doctoral-level education in this subject matter.

Whether it requires knowledge of federal tax policy, international aid programs, or investment, our quality-controller knows the field.


DCTMR offers confidential services. We can limit the people working on your material to former U.S. intelligence personnel working under nondisclosure agreements with encrypted materials.
DC transcription and media repurposing confidentiality
We know there are other transcription companies out there that you could go to. Our hope is that by doing the work as fast as our top competitors, but at a significant discount, we will build rewarding, long-term relationships with clients.

We also know that fast, inexpensive transcripts are worthless if they’re not well done. Compare our products to those of other companies: our work is unsurpassed!
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Let your employees focus on the work they do best.
DC Transcription & Media Repurposing provides the highest-quality transcription services you can find for a price that’s significantly lower than our competitors’ – typically about 20 percent less.

First, initial transcripts are prepared by professional transcribers with an average of five years’ experience in the field. Then – and here is where we shine – those initial transcripts are passed off to specialized senior transcribers for quality control. Each quality-control transcriber has either substantial professional experience in the field or is degreed in the subject matter. We excel in specialized transcription.
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These traditional media products and services are still the mainstay of most informational campaigns today. Why? They provide the depth and information-density an educated audience requires.
internet-optimized media repurposing » From e-Books and pro-designed web-documents to streaming audio/video and DVD products, DCTMR leads in repurposing.
» Digital media products offer a relatively inexpensive means of distributing your content to your target audience, and helping the audience to find your content in an easy-to-use form.

» Leverage your media dollar! We excel in taking traditional media products and repurposing them for distribution on the internet.
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