DC transcription and media repurposing
publishing outsourcing

Graphics or logos are added to client content, redesigned and reformatted, and converted to webpages that a webmaster can add to a company website with just a few keystrokes.


Client content can be attractively redesigned and published as electronic newsletters or mailings.


Different from the familiar webpage, webdocuments such as Adobe eBooks present content in a variety of attractive and readable forms.

Moreover, webdocuments can be made that allow you to distribute your content with less concern that the content can be changed, printed, copied, or vandalized.

Secure webdocuments are an excellent means of allowing others to view content while retaining control over other uses.


Visually appealing, easy-to-read layout and design of secure electronic periodicals suitable for distribution via the internet.

Media repurposing leverages the money you're already spending on media to give you more and better formats and delivery options for a marginal additional expense. It's a media effect multiplier.

For example, transcripts are often the only record made of oral reports or presentations. Transcripts, however, are not visually appealing, and only the most interested people will bother reading them. With repurposing, you broaden the range of media options by providing your target audience with digital audio and video files, graphically designed webpages, and e-documents. Media repurposing increases audience size and media effect.
DC Transcription & Media Repurposing can take an audio or video tape and repurpose it into a basic transcript, a small book, an e-mail deliverable e-book, and streaming sound bites and video clips. Video tapes reach very limited audiences. Repurposed into internet video, an audience of millions can be reached for a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional media. Delivery via the internet is virtually free.

For more direct message distribution, video and audio CDs and DVDs can be made and shipped, again, for a small fraction of traditional media costs. Media repurposing magnifies the size of the potential audience and saves money, and since it's merely an add-on to an already developed product, the costs are modest and incremental.
» Adobe e-Books and PDF Files
» HTML Pages
» Windows Streaming Audio and Video
» Streaming Realaudio
» Quicktime Movies
» DVD Products
» Audio/Video CDs
» Webmaster CD Media Package

e-Products reform messages into media formats that average people are more likely to use.

The key to message delivery is to get attention and keep it. e-Products help you do that more effectively.

internet-optimized media repurposing » The Webmaster CD Media Package includes everything a webmaster needs, ready-to-go right off the disc!
» Message not getting out effectively? Is your company's webmaster or IT tech overworked?

» This package delivers a variety of forms of the message – from streaming sound bites and video clips to webpages and e-mail deliverable e-books – straight to your company, ready for immediate use.
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