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transcription and media repurposing events

Whether you're interested in hearing what tax policies are being discussed in Congress or what executive branch officials are saying, we can cover the event for you.


The push for more transparency in corporate affairs is on. Raise investor trust and confidence by making your meetings or official statements public and readily accessible.


We don't advise on strategy, but we can inform it. If your company needs to know what's being discussed in Washington's policymaking circles before the decisions are made and before the knowledge is generally available and understood, we can cover many of those discussions for you.


A surprising amount of money is spent funding important and relevant research, but the results of that research are often unknown to the public and other interested parties, thus limiting the value of the research.

Put research into a form that can be easily "pushed" to relevant information consumers.

Some clients have special needs for military and governmental transcripts. These can be difficult to do if one is not familiar with the specialized language and subject matter at hand.

Located in the nation's capital, DC Transcription & Media Repurposing has built a base of expertise to serve government and defense contractor needs for these specialized subject matter transcripts.

If you've tried other services that don't know combat from combat service support, or couldn't tell a callsign from a call for fire, try us instead.

specialized transcription
specialized transcription
If you're contracting with the government or the military services, you need a media service experienced in dealing with those organizations. We are. And as a service-disabled veteran owned small business, DCTMR helps you meet the government's supplier diversity goals for contractors.

In government and military affairs, it's generally the case that the least expensive, most productive way to get media work done is to hire specialists familiar with the subject matter. This drastically reduces time spent trying to figure out what someone is saying and drastically reduces the number of instances deemed to be "inaudible."
» Ground Forces and Naval Operations
» Air Force Operations, Pilot Chatter
» NASA and Space Operations
» DOD Briefings
» Military-Issue Commentators
» Think-Tanks and Policy Institutes
» Defense and Strategic Fora
» Academic Presentations on Defense

Military affairs can be complex and difficult. Actual military operations and discussions are often replete with arcane jargon. We speak that language.

Military affairs is a DCTMR specialty. Try us and see the difference.

specialized transcription We're familiar with covering tax hearings, regulatory meetings, and policy discussions in various venues.
» If you need governmental events transcribed, you can rely on the quality of DCTMR's products and services.
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