DC transcription and media repurposing editing
publishing and editorial services

Professional layout and design on high-quality materials constructed to common publishing industry standards.


Visually appealing, easy-to-read layout and design of well-constructed periodicals suitable for mass distribution or limited runs.


Graphics and/or logos are added to client content and converted to webpages that a webmaster can add to your website with just a few keystrokes.


Client content can be attractively redesigned and published as paper or electronic newsletters or mailings.


Similar to the more familiar webpage, webdocuments such as Adobe e-Books can present content in a variety of attractive and readable formats.

In addition, however, webdocuments can be prepared that allow the client to distribute the content with less concern that it can be changed, printed, copied, or vandalized.

Secure webdocuments are an excellent way of allowing others to view content while retaining control over other uses.

Many clients who purchase our transcription services choose to have the transcripts edited by us. Many people are surprised by the difference between written and spoken English, especially when the speaker is nervous, as is often the case with public speaking. When spoken English is committed to paper, it can be jarring, disjointed, and sometimes embarrassing. We can fix that.

Our basic transcripts are verbatim; that is, they represent exactly what was said. At the client’s instruction, we offer ‘light’ editing free of charge. This editing does not change the substance, but merely makes it flow more easily for the reader. Transcripts are made more intelligible without changing the speaker’s comments in any substantive way.
prepublication editing and editorial services
DC Transcription & Media Repurposing offers exceptional prepublication editorial services. A professional book and academic journal editor works with clients to transform an initial product, whether a transcript prepared by us or other source material provided by the client, into a style and form fit for publication in the appropriate medium.

Our editing staff works with Word or WordPerfect and improves and finalizes products using Adobe’s world-class Photoshop, Pagemaker, Illustrator, InDesign, and GoLive. So whether you’re looking for a traditional book, monograph, newsletter, or a ready-to-go product designed for the web, like an optimized HTML page or a secure ‘e-Book,’ our staff can help you achieve a useful, professional product.
editing and publishing services internet-optimized media repurposing
» Magazines and Journals
» Newsletters and Informational Mailings
» Books and Book Chapters
» Webpages
» Webdocuments
» Hardbound or Electronic Forms
» Publication Project Management

Professionally edited and laid out, these visually appealing documents get and hold readers' attention.

Successful publications are compelling to readers because content is presented with style and appeal.

media repurposing internet-optimized From e-Books and pro-designed webdocuments to streaming audio/video and DVD products, repurposing amplifies the effectiveness of any job.
» Digital media products offer a relatively inexpensive means of distributing your content to your target audience, and helping your audience find your content in an easy-to-use form.

Leverage your media dollar! We excel in taking traditional media products and repurposing them for use on the internet.

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