DC transcription and media repurposing
DC transcription and military repurposing supports youth athletics
DCTMR and its employees believe that everyone, and every company, has the privilege and the obligation to improve the world around them.
DC transcription and media repurposing supports education
DC Transcription & Media Repurposing is committed to the community. We have a company policy of donating five percent of total profits to activities or resources that benefit youth and education, such as research efforts and college scholarships.

As part of this effort on our part, we will donate back to any nonprofit educational institution or nonprofit children’s advocacy institution that hires our company five percent of the TOTAL charge for services and/or products.

If you feel your organization qualifies for this special program, please discuss it with our contract manager, Mr. Keith Miller.
DC transcription and media repurposing supports the community
DC transcription and media repurposing helps improve the world around us
Everything we do leaves a mark.
DC transcription and media repurposing supports youth
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