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::: Friday, February 11, 2005
"FARANDWIDE" Need to get your messaging distributed? DCTMR rolls out Massive Online Content Distribution, an unmatched way to disseminate your documents and press releases.

::: Monday, September 15, 2003
DCTMR implements its program to provide income opportunities to service-disabled and other veterans.

::: Thursday, March 27, 2003
DCTMR rolls out digital archiving services to create digital text, audio, and video products for customers.

DC Transcription & Media Repurposing contributes to your company's supplier diversity goals. Talk with us about your requirements.

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We hope you will find answers to whatever questions you might have about our company, and invite you to contact us directly if we can be of further assistance.

We are a documentation and media archiving service, which means that we take, or make, recordings of events such as speeches, conferences, etc., and create products from them such as transcripts, publications, and web-ready text, audio, and video content.
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DC Transcription & Media Repurposing was created to service corporate and government needs to transform oral presentations - speeches, conferences, meetings, etc. - into products that can be disseminated throughout the organization or to the public in general.

Is there an important oral presentation your company would like to disseminate more broadly. We provide services to handle any, or every, step in the process of creating both traditional and repurposed, internet-optimized media products.
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  1. Transcripts: Fast and Accurate
  2. Magazines and Journals
  3. Newsletters and Mailings
  4. Books and Book Chapters
  5. Editorial Services
  6. Publishing
  7. Media Project Management
  8. VHS and Digital Video Presentations
  9. transcription and media repurposing
These traditional media products and services are still the mainstay of most informational campaigns today. Why? They provide the depth and information-density that an educated audience requires.

  • internet-optimized media repurposing From e-Books and pro-designed web-documents to streaming audio/video and DVD products, DCTMR leads in repurposing.
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    Just completed an article, press release, or transcribed event? Our new Massive Online Content Distribution service brings new meaning to broadcasting.

    We can distribute your content onto all the major subscriber databases and search engines rapidly and inexpensively.

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